Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sorry guys

So it seems everyone wants to see pictures of my travels, but that can't happen anytime soon, seeing as how I don't have a scanner to put them on my computer. or a camera to take a picture of a picture.
Really, i'm being serious, it kinda sucks.
So eventually i will, but night right now. Sorry again!

In the mean time, i can share something about my travels that are not picture related.
So starting when i was 14 and for 3 more years after that, i went cross country with my grandpa and cousin. It was a car trip, and every time our first stop was in Kansas. Since i'm from ohio, it was about a 10 hour drive on day one.
We always went to national parks on the way to california. My favorite nat. park is Zion national park, and my favorite hike is Angels Landing.
It's a couple miles long and has a great overlook of the "Three Wisemen" an unmissable sight in the park.
I also enjoy Yosemite, nat. park.
It's like a huge hunk of Granite, and I even went on a hike wher i could see the Dome and Half Dome. It makes me wonder what kind of events (glaciers i know, blah blah blah) took place to split something so large in half.

I remember going to "Devil's Tower" and while we were there, some people got stuck halfway up! It was funny to see, but i know they were terrified.

I always met the most interesting people on those travels. But for now I have to Go.
If you request it, i'll tell some more specific stories later.

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