Sunday, February 13, 2011

Good morning, Good Night

Good morning all, or should i say most? As most people in this world get ready to wake up at 7:45 am, I am about to get ready to go to sleep, but not before i tell you about my day! or should i say night?

I had to work a double shift last night, from 7pm to 6am, but i knew i'd work late because it's a Saturday night and i'm always there til 7. At first i was expecting on off business, but instead i was greeted with 6 hours of constant business!

So there i was, no break in sight, shooting my hose at the porcelain enemy, when out of nowhere i get a rack of cups! They took me by surprise, but i am always prepared for such an occasion! Such is the life of a dishwasher, but before i could counter attack, i got pelted with 4 containers of DRIED GRAVY! *Gasp*

As i stand expended from the shift, I realize that there is another shift on it's way in. Once again I expected it to be slow then pick up then slow again, and once again i got 6 more hours of constant business!

So here I lie, in my bed of blankets, waiting for the sandman to take me away, but not before i talk to all of you!

Breaking news, my manager talked to me about my schedule for next week (it's not posted yet and it starts Monday), he wants me to work a double on Valentine's Day... 5 pm to 3 am... I opposed this, and asked to leave at 10 instead,(or not come in at all >.>)

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