Saturday, February 26, 2011


So i haven't posted all week, i just decided to take a few personal days.
sory if anyone was worried, but i just didn't feel like posting.
I'm going to talk to an "academic advisor" on monday at my community college, see if i can get back in to school

On that note, i'm also looking for more income. what i'm getting now is enough for my parents place, but that's really it.

On a lighter note, i found a new way to lace my shoes, it's really simple and looks amazing! but at the same time it makes taking them off kinda ridiculous. (high top converse) though they were enough as it is.

I don't have much interesting stuff to say today. Watched a new anime, "ore no imouto ga konnani kawaii wake ga nai" Haven't got a clue what it means but my guess is "My little sister can't be this cute" seeing as that is the recurring phrase in the series. It's so awesome i actually made a character my background

 so cute
*he was getting too handsy, and her sweetheart kicked his ass*
The second one is my background, i couldn't help myself. i hads too.

also played through Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days, I loved the first one so i got the second. I love Etna, she's totally evil, i can't even begin to explain. 
Other than that nonsense i've had a boring wweek. sleep all day, work all night, sleep all day, work all night... see? boring.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Yeah, just.... no, nevermind, just no

This pretty much describes how i feel tonight. Just got home from work and almost broke down.
Broke down before work for sure. Tonight, when i got home, i didn't bother getting out of my car. I just sat there for an hour. Just sat there, contemplating. My choices are stand up for myself and ruin all my chances. or surrender, roll over, and hate myself forever, while still getting nothing to benefit myself.
I need a new job, i need a significant other who cares about me, but isn't so helpless that i'm taking care of them for them. I need to go to school. I need to make more friends. I need to go out more and have fun.

I'm beginning to hate my weaknesses right about now. I'm sorry, tonight kinda sucks. I'll give you another picture, something nicer... ummmm
I know it might not be appropriate, but it always makes me smile! always always always!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sorry guys

So it seems everyone wants to see pictures of my travels, but that can't happen anytime soon, seeing as how I don't have a scanner to put them on my computer. or a camera to take a picture of a picture.
Really, i'm being serious, it kinda sucks.
So eventually i will, but night right now. Sorry again!

In the mean time, i can share something about my travels that are not picture related.
So starting when i was 14 and for 3 more years after that, i went cross country with my grandpa and cousin. It was a car trip, and every time our first stop was in Kansas. Since i'm from ohio, it was about a 10 hour drive on day one.
We always went to national parks on the way to california. My favorite nat. park is Zion national park, and my favorite hike is Angels Landing.
It's a couple miles long and has a great overlook of the "Three Wisemen" an unmissable sight in the park.
I also enjoy Yosemite, nat. park.
It's like a huge hunk of Granite, and I even went on a hike wher i could see the Dome and Half Dome. It makes me wonder what kind of events (glaciers i know, blah blah blah) took place to split something so large in half.

I remember going to "Devil's Tower" and while we were there, some people got stuck halfway up! It was funny to see, but i know they were terrified.

I always met the most interesting people on those travels. But for now I have to Go.
If you request it, i'll tell some more specific stories later.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Jingle Jingle

good morning, at least to most, once again this is about to be good night for me. You see, I once again worked through the night tonight, and thanks to the warm weather, when i got home i sat outside for longer than usual.

It's always nice to listen to silence, but not like the indoor silence where you can hear the ringing in your ears or something. I'm talking about the silence that doesn't make a noise. One of the nicer things I've enjoyed. I think maybe it's about time for me to try and scan my travel photos in to here. that may take a while without a scanner.

While I was outside i was looking up at the clouds in front of the moon.and while i zoned out, the wind started blowing the wind chimes nearby, it sounded like they were coming from everywhere. i looked around to see where they were, but every time i looked somewhere it seemed they came from somewhere else.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Alrighty then

So this next picture will be to fulfill DB's request.
I'm running an old... old ACER, laptop, and i don't have a camera, so i couldn't get a picture of myself, but i asked a friend to email me one (she's much cuter than i am, pretty sure you'd rather see her anyway)

I made this in half an hour on MS paint... hope you enjoy it!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So it is

I had a good day today, i got to sleep, i got to play, i got to work.
I don't have much to talk about this morning, so i'll post a picture in order to make up for it... now which to choose?

Okay, i had a lot of trouble choosing a picture for you., but I decided with another like before, this isn't going in to as much detail as the previous one, but this is the first one i covered the hair on, also, my first with glasses. I hope you enjoy it at least some :3

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey there

Happy Valentine's day everyone, Here's to hoping that we all aren't lonely this year.
Nobody said it has to be your lover you spend time with today, so go out with some of your friends and enjoy yourself!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Do this more often... It helps : ]

Good morning, Good Night

Good morning all, or should i say most? As most people in this world get ready to wake up at 7:45 am, I am about to get ready to go to sleep, but not before i tell you about my day! or should i say night?

I had to work a double shift last night, from 7pm to 6am, but i knew i'd work late because it's a Saturday night and i'm always there til 7. At first i was expecting on off business, but instead i was greeted with 6 hours of constant business!

So there i was, no break in sight, shooting my hose at the porcelain enemy, when out of nowhere i get a rack of cups! They took me by surprise, but i am always prepared for such an occasion! Such is the life of a dishwasher, but before i could counter attack, i got pelted with 4 containers of DRIED GRAVY! *Gasp*

As i stand expended from the shift, I realize that there is another shift on it's way in. Once again I expected it to be slow then pick up then slow again, and once again i got 6 more hours of constant business!

So here I lie, in my bed of blankets, waiting for the sandman to take me away, but not before i talk to all of you!

Breaking news, my manager talked to me about my schedule for next week (it's not posted yet and it starts Monday), he wants me to work a double on Valentine's Day... 5 pm to 3 am... I opposed this, and asked to leave at 10 instead,(or not come in at all >.>)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

I can hear the Train

I got home from work tonight, and when i got out of my car i chose to enjoy the usual silence as i sometimes do.
I find it relaxing, no matter what i'm thinking of, no matter what's bothering me, i step out into the morning silence and my head just clears out.
Todays normal silence was interrupted by the sound of the train running down the tracks about a mile away. It wasn't a disturbing noise, nothing was wrong with this, I just don't normally hear them.
It made me think about who is in charge of them, and how they work. What's their job like, i wonder.
Idk, maybe i'm just tired... like usual for 7 am.
Good night world, i'll see you this afternoon/

Awesome Day

Hey there semi devoted followers who've never met me! Today (or rather yesterday) I Slept in, saw friends, had home cooked foods, and watched TV. But I've got work here in about 40 minutes. I'll be there til 6 in the morning, but a couple of my coworkers are really awesome to be around. and a couple maybe not so much(Also my job tonight is dishwashing, so it's kinda baw)

I'm still waiting on the poll to finish before i start another blog, but when i think about it maybe it wasn't a great idea...  maybe it was, though!
Here's something i did. I had lots of fun with it, and i hope you wnjoy it

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

woo fun

So! today was kinda unnecessary. I went to work and got off early.
So now i'm blogging again, going to do what i can to keep this up.

To those of you who have an interest in it, i'm on monster hunter tri tonight, username Ladle, but that's a small crowd. not sure if you all are interested in it.

Also, 11 followers now! hope it keeps up
AH! the opposite of the last pic... AH!

Breaking news!

Apparently secondary plans are being made and set in to action! tonight may not be so bad after all

I can understand that the reader probably doesn't care about my daily goings on, but feel free to comment or anything and i'll return the favor.

I was thinking of making a second blog, focusing on Monster Hunter, any feedback on whether or not to do this would be nice
Something cute, to brighten up everyone's.... night

Kinda bad day

After last nights late late night posting, I ended up waking up right before i had to go to work. No time for a shower or anything.
I worked 5 to midnight, which was 2 hours longer than normal.
I was supposed to meet up with friends right after work, but since it was later they decided to cancel wiithout telling me. so now i'm back to where i started, on my blogs... woo

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ladle's Ramblings

Well how about that, just installed a nifty extension called BlogThis, which opens up a "notepad" of sorts and submits the text straight to my blog. This might make everything easier for me.

Just something silly i found, i thought it was pretty funny. i'll come up with better blog stuff after i go to bed

This is a good picture depicting the pathfinder cleric(which i happen to be playing one! ^.^) And she is using a channel energy burst to destroy the undead nearby. I hope you like it

First Post

Okay, I know not many people can see this yet, but i hope to do a good job.
I guess since this is a blog i can probably post pictures or songs or videos or something, kinda like tumblr, except that i can be less embarrassed since i have no actual friends here. Lol.

So, yeah, hop you enjoy this