Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Breaking news!

Apparently secondary plans are being made and set in to action! tonight may not be so bad after all

I can understand that the reader probably doesn't care about my daily goings on, but feel free to comment or anything and i'll return the favor.

I was thinking of making a second blog, focusing on Monster Hunter, any feedback on whether or not to do this would be nice


  1. when you are uncertain, ALWAYS follow your heart. followed


  2. If you start another blog, I thing it should be about sketching.

  3. Yeah i agree with sketching it seems like you are interested in it.

  4. it's really funny, i don't think these are sketches, but mor e along the lines of photoshop. the second pikachu is a cross art with a khewzu from monster hunter... but if it's what you all want. i'll give it some more time in the polls

  5. Just make a blog about the thing that interests you the most, it'll be easier to write about something you love rather than something you think people would like